Friday, May 27, 2011

Benefits of Yoga Asanas

Just as the knowledge of Yoga is vast and deep, so are its benefits. The practice of yoga benefits the body, mind and spirit.

Benefits of Yoga & Yoga Asanas

Yoga increases flexibility
The practice of Yoga benefits us in a multifold way. Various aspects and dimensions of our life can be enriched and benefited by diligently practicing Yoga and yoga asanas. Our system is a seamless blend of the body, mind and spirit. An irregularity in the body affects the mind and similarly unpleasantness or restlessness in the mind manifests as an ailment in the body. Yoga and yoga asanas, benefit us by bringing a harmonious balance within our system.
Physically, Yoga and yoga asanas benefit us in many ways. Apart from improving the flexibility of the muscles and the joints, they also strengthen them and improve the body postures. The asanas or poses provide a massage to the organs, aiding them in improving their functioning. Thereby, Yoga and yoga asanas also benefit the coordinated performance of the various systems in the body – digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular, nervous systems etc. Yoga heals various chronic illnesses like high/ low blood pressure, chronic body pain, diabetes, depression, sleep disorders etc., in a natural and simple way and also improves the immunity. A day well begun with the practice of yoga asanas, keeps us energetic, enthusiastic and fresh till the sky darkens.
Have you ever noticed how the breathing pattern changes with the change in emotions/ feelings? Our breath is fast when we’re angry, heavy when sad and calm and smooth when peaceful. Just as our mind influences the breath, breath and yoga influence the mind. Through the pranayama (breathing techniques) taught in Yoga, the mind becomes more calm, peaceful and alert, helping us to make better decisions. The improved concentration that results due to the practice of Yoga and yoga asanas makes us efficient and adept. Through Yoga, we can effectively deal with and release the stresses that we accumulate and experience the deep benefits of Yoga in our everyday lives.
In an extremely subtle and effortless manner, Yoga and yoga asanas make us more contented and happy. They expand our sphere of belongingness and thereby, improve our relationships. The inert talents and creativity begin to blossom and we become harmonious with nature. Eventually, it leads us towards realization of the eternal inner peace and joy despite all the cacophony that surrounds us

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